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Our next-generation model: Gemini 1.5

Gemini 1.5 delivers dramatically enhanced performance, with a breakthrough in long context understanding across modalities.

A new modern look for the Android brand

This evolution of our visual identity better represents Android’s core ethos of being open, iterative and inclusive — and it’s fun, too.

New feel and features for the Arts & Culture app

Discover the redesigned Google Arts & Culture app now on Android.

A Google designer takes us inside Search’s mobile redesign

Google Search’s mobile experience has a new look and feel. Designer Aileen Cheng takes us through the update.

Preserving endangered languages with Noto fonts

Noto fonts support many minority languages, improving literacy and accessibility around the world.

Plus Codes - giving everyone, everywhere an address

Many people don't have an accurate address making it harder to share where they live. Plus Codes—simple addresses for anywhere on the planet—can help.

Google Maps is turning 15! Celebrate with a new look and features

We're constantly evolving to help you get around-no matter how you choose to travel.

15 years of Google Books

Today we’re unveiling a new design for Google Books on desktop.

18 years after Google Images, the Versace jungle print dress is back

Nearly 20 years ago, a green Versace dress broke the internet, and Google Images was born.

A pop of color and more: updates to Android's brand

Back in 2014, we updated our logo and brand color, and this year, we’re introducing a more modern, accessible look.

Redesigning Chrome: An interview with Chrome's lead designer

Chrome got a fresh look for its 10th birthday, and today we sat down with Chrome’s lead designer, to go behind the scenes of the biggest redesign.

As the Chrome dino runs, we caught up with the Googlers who built it

The new easter egg was submitted in September 2014, under the guise of a page redesign. How did the launch go?

Stay composed: here's a quick rundown of the new Gmail

Today we announced major improvements to Gmail on the web to help people be more productive at work.

Google Maps gets a new look

The world is an ever-evolving place. And as it changes, Google Maps changes with it.

Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar for web

Check your schedule. Starting today, a fresh look and new features are coming to Google Calendar on the web.

Redesigning Google News for everyone

We redesigned the desktop website with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and more control for users.

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