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Date: 2023/03/10

All JavaScript and TypeScript features of the last 3 years

This article goes through almost all of the changes of the last 3 years (and some from earlier) in JavaScript / ECMAScript and TypeScript.

Notes Art – Explorations in iPhone Notes

Since late 2021, I’ve done one drawing on my phone every day, sharing them to social media under the hashtag #notesArt.

Why Are People Mad About the New Nokia Logo— and Is It Warranted?

While the redesign has given the internet yet another thing to hate, COLLINS’ L.A. Corrall offers a different, more flattering perspective.

AI and Image Generation (Everything is a Remix Part 4)

The Age of AI has arrived and its first flashpoint is art.

Your team needs a better balance between starters and finishers

Delving into the different UX mindsets of starters and finishers in the tech world.