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Date: 2022/10/21

Photoshop for text

When I think about editing images, a vast array of options come to mind: contrast, saturation, sharpen, blur, airbrush, clone stamp, etc.

Homepage history:

Looking at over 25 years of homepages to see how it has influenced a generation of designers and marketers.

Adobe MAX Sneaks 2022: Every AI Experiment, and its Developer

Visual examples of every AI experiment from Adobe MAX Sneaks 2022. See it all in action: from 'Project Vector Edge' to 'Project Made in the Shade'.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

When it comes to error handling, it truly is a team sport.

Nabla Isometric Color Font

Built using the new COLRv1 color-font format, allowing smooth gradients, sharp highlights and blended shadows to be captured inside a font-file.