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Date: 2021/04/21

GANcraft: Unsupervised 3D Neural Rendering of Minecraft Worlds

An unsupervised neural rendering framework for generating photorealistic images of large 3D block worlds such as those created in Minecraft.

Businesses Must Disclose Whether Actually Cool Or Just Use Minimalist Branding

The Federal Trade Commission ruled Friday that companies must begin disclosing when they are merely using minimalist branding to simulate coolness.

Intrinsic Typography is the Future of Styling Text on the Web

The way we style text hasn’t changed much over the years.

How to make your blog images stand out & reflect your identity

Photos, illustrations, mosaics, abstract patterns: ideas and 40 + tools and real world advice from an experienced designer for better images.

The UI & UX Tips Collection: Volume Two

18 easy to put into practice UI & UX Tips that can help improve both your designs (UI), and user experience (UX).