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Date: 2017/01/26

Facebook iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft

Resources like Facebook's iOS 10 GUI and our suite of plugins, Craft, have been game changers for time-strapped designers looking to supercharge their process. That's why we're so excited to share that Facebook's iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft.

Designing the Internet of Things: 5 Critical Design Principles for IoT

5 Critical Design Principles for IoT IoT continues to gain tremendous momentum, and even more organizational interest, to the tune of multi-million dollar investments. Companies like Samsung, Google, Ford, GE, and more have made tremendous organizational shifts, in order to fully understand and contribute markedly to what many are calling the next big technological revolution.

adult swim on CodePen

Screenshots are so Last Year: How to Write a Case Study That Wins You Clients

Fifty-six percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate's personal website than any other personal branding tool - however, only seven percent of job seekers actually have a personal website. Of this minority, very few actually present case studies that include more than a boring screenshot of their most recent work.

Plasma design system: Creating and documenting a product design system

This case study aims to chronicle how we created a design system at WeWork. I'll share insight into our process, product design, the tools we used to create and implement the system, and also how we document and share the system with our team.

The Insecure Designer

A designers' worst critic is themselves. The caricature of a creative person depicts a tormented perfectionist who is rarely satisfied with their work. You see them forever tinkering with different color combinations; experimenting with type pairings in various modular scales; pixel-pushing icons in a 24px grid.