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Date: 2016/12/16

The Current State of Adaptive Design

I dream of the day where I design an interface using systematic logic and never again have to push individual objects around different sized artboards. The day I dream of gets nearer and 2016 was an incredible year for adaptive design.

Introducing Mindful: A new extension for Chrome

Ever opened a website or an app and by the time you saw it, you forget why you opened it in the first place? Do you keep forgetting stuff because of short interruptions and stress at work? If you do, we have a lot in common.

Lessons Learned from Stocksy's Creative Director

Thanks for having me! Stocksy is a stock photo cooperative, which sounds hippy-dippy, but is actually really rad. It means every member has a voice, a vote, and a stake in the company. Members are paid 50-75% of every sale, before we take a penny to keep the lights on.

The Super Simple Guide to Iconography

We often hear that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, this applies very much to icons, which replace long sentences and words to optimize visual space, usability, and aesthetic. In this article, Toptal Designer Tidjane Tall shows us how to create 10 custom icons in less than 10 seconds each (we promise).

Inspect by InVision—Now for Photoshop

We recently released Inspect, a free tool that supports your team's design to development workflow like never before. Inspect lets you and the developers on your team generate code with a click, gather key information like font names, hex codes, image specs, and dimensions, and a lot more.