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Date: 2016/12/05

Three reasons why my team moved from Adobe to Sketch

We're a 8 people UX team, and we're all using Windows (working in a Microsoft Gold Partner company :) ). We've been designing our apps using Adobe Photoshop CC for the last 2 years, and were quite happy with it.

Best Practices for Microinteractions

Microinteractions are subtle moments centered around accomplishing a single task. Almost all applications around us are filled in with microinteractions. Here are just a few examples: Confirming an item is added to cart Use pull-to-refresh to update content Interface animation that confirms an action (e.g.

Optimistic UIs in under 1000 words: An illustrated introduction

Let's talk today about optimistic UIs. Optimistic? Optimistic UIs don't wait for an operation to finish to update to the final state. They immediately switch to the final state, showing fake data for the time while the real operation is still in-progress. The textual description is not that easy to digest, so let's look at the fist example.

Tired of chasing late website content? Try GatherContent insteadSponsored

GatherContent is a game changer. Our content processes used to involve an ineffective mix of spreadsheets, documents, and a slew of file storage solutions. Version control was a nightmare and proofing was always an afterthought. With GatherContent we've solved all of those problems and more.

The State of UX in 2017

It's been a pretty intense year for us. Continuing our mission of democratizing access to UX content through various channels, in 2016 we launched (one link per day about User Experience), (weekly newsletters with the best of UX) and (interviews with UX Designers through conversational UI).