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Forecasting the Future

Eleven in-house creative leaders tell us what's next for design in 2020.

Introducing Airbnb Cereal

A new typeface that takes us from button to billboard, a distinct typeface that can carry the weight of both-to leap off the screen to a magazine.

Working Type

Airbnb launched a new typeface called Airbnb Cereal across our product and brand. This case study details the technical process story.

The Evolution of Tools

Closing the loop with Design Intelligence.

Sketching Interfaces

Generating code from low fidelity wireframes.

The Future of Lottie

Our community-driven vision for the future of our animation tool.

Another Lens

A research tool for conscientious creatives

Lottie: Behind the scenes of our new open-source animation tool.

Behind-the-scenes work, event updates and stories from our creative community

Building a Visual Language : Airbnb Design

The Way We Build : Airbnb Design