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Date: 2023/07/24

WebGPU: the cross-platform graphics API of tomorrow

Learn how to build an app with WebGPU for the web and specific platforms.

Alternative designs: how the Porsche Crest could have looked

With its rearing horse the Porsche crest is one of the most famous designs in automotive history, and every detail has huge significance.

Twitter is now X as the little blue bird disappears

The new X logo has started replacing the blue bird on the web.

Formative Posts

Here are things other people have written that have helped to shape who I am. Enjoy!


A tool for creating proportional scales for typography, iconography, spacing, and components in design systems.

Build production-ready prototypes – in minutes! πŸ”₯Sponsored

Tight deadlines? Not a problem! Build prototypes that work just like end-products. Speed up every part of product design process.