The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/01/17

Form follows feeling: How Google is making digital experiences personal

Google’s new design system update Material Design 3 puts control in users’ hands, allowing them to design their experiences.

Why Are Hyperlinks Blue

While musing over my recently published article, Why are hyperlinks blue, I was left feeling a bit blue.

Preference Queries

Some CSS media queries can detect user preferences. We'll review the two best-supported types for motion and color settings.

Mondrian Art in CSS From 5 Code Artists

I saw some Mondrian Art in CSS going around the other day and figured I’d go looking for others I’ve seen over the years and round them up.

Case Study: Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio

A practical case study of Anatole Touvron’s Portfolio where you’ll get some insight on the process and some valuable tips.