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Date: 2018/02/10

No One Should Care This Much About A Corporation's Logo

After 100 years of the same thing, Lufthansa did something drastic. Horrible. Unthinkable.

Designer-Oriented Styles

“CSS-in-JS” has been talked about a lot already, and it’s the source of a lot of debate.

You're not the user: 5 things I learned from using Hotjar for a year

As the UX designer in an online travel agency, I relied majorly on Hotjar for studying user interactions and gathering user feedback.

Personas Are Garbage (And So Are Many Other Things, Come to Think of It)

I'm not a huge fan of product development processes or frameworks - even though (or maybe because) it's literally my job to apply these systems.

Designing for Change

How we’re attempting to alter our customer’s routines through the design of Fastlane.