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Date: 2017/11/01

XR: VR, AR, MR–What's the Difference?

IKEA's latest mobile app, IKEA Place, uses AR to make a profound impact on the way we shop for furniture at home.

Mixed Reality User Flows: A New Kind of Template

As designers, we create user flows and give them to developers, product managers, clients, and sometimes even users for testing.

Making up metaphors

If you've ever taken a writing class, you've probably played around with metaphors.

Expo: Towards Rapid VR Prototyping

VR development is exciting, in part because of the immense, unexplored territory for creating usable, engaging, and delightful experiences.

Banco Galicia - Web App Design Case Study

How we helped Banco Galicia engage with their customers by re-designing their whole online banking platform.