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Date: 2016/12/10

Our Tech Predictions for 2017

Every December, we take a look back at big ideas from the past twelve months that promise to gain momentum in the new year. With more than eleven thousand projects launched between our Design and Tech categories in 2016, we have a nice sample to draw from.

Creating a Card Animation in Principle

You can leave everything as it is here. The Preview* window should default to the iPhone 6 size, so that's all cool. If that's not the case, just choose iPhone 6 from the Size Presets menu in the Inspector.

The Marline Story :  From a sketch pad to #1 on the App Store.

Hi Javi! Let's start from the beginning. How did you first become a designer? I spent tons of hours making drawings, logos, posters, websites, 3D... all amateur level but with a passion to discover many design fields. I looked for a university with graphic design but only found industrial design engineer.

Infrastructure is Beautiful

The US is a big place. It's the third-largest country by land mass. And the infrastructure that connects it is equally immense. Let's marvel at the intricacy of these human-made systems. Together, we'll explore its internet, transportation, and energy distribution infrastructure - all through rapid-fire data visualizations.

Saving the Internet 2000 terabytes a day: fixing Font Awesome's fonts

Front-end antics and typographic mischievousness