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Date: 2016/11/26

Principle - 4 Little Tricks to Share Your Idea in an Effective Prototype

How to prepare a clickable prototype that contains all interactions. How many times have you tried to explain your excellent design to a developer? Either using gestures, storyboards or easy digital prototypes with finished design views - it's not easy to communicate your vision. Principle gives you the power to show basic interactions in few easy steps.

Why a Chatbot was the hardest thing I've ever designed, Part 2

There aren't a lot of signifiers or affordances within a chatbot. The only elements you have to work with are words, buttons and a small repertoire of media assets that vary by platform. The challenge is creatively extending these to create a desirable experience within a conversation.

The power of we - how our new logo came into being

Our new site comes with a new logo. Although rooted in our previous brand identity, we've rethought what we can do. Five months before Steve Jobs published his " Thoughts on Flash ", WeTransfer launched its first website- built with Flash.

Air Max '17 Campaign by MVSM

A metaphorical exploration of air and the negative space it occupies.

The Irrational User

The human mind is a wonderfully complex thinking machine. We've developed written language, built skyscrapers, and discovered quantum physics through our collective ability to plan and reason. But despite our intellect and like all earthly creatures, the mental circuitry of our biological ancestors had been optimized by evolution for a world where timeliness was more valuable than accuracy.