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Date: 2016/11/12

From an iOS 10 GUI to H2O

"Side projects are great because you don't need to know anything. You get to be a beginner because no one is watching you and there are no expectations" Tobias van Schneider As an Experience Designer at SapientNitro, we're always trying out new tools and techniques to improve our workflow.

The SVG 2 Conundrum

The SVG we know and love today is "SVG 1.1 2nd edition". SVG 2 is in Editor's Draft status at the W3C, and it's at serious risk of never getting past that, as it's charter may not be renewed before it reaches recommendation status.

Office UI Fabric

Designing with intent

In 2016, I've seen an ever increasing number of style guides and articles on design systems on the web. More and more web and interface designers started to document their color palettes, text styles and component libraries that help them with consistency and scalability.

Wind Waker Graphics Analysis

I'm a huge fan of Zelda, The Wind Waker's graphics. Bright, caricatured and well balanced; they were a masterful combination of artistry and technical ingenuity. By accepting the limitations of the hardware, and pushing for a stylised aesthetic, the artists and developers created one of the most-loved video game styles ever made. An audio-based web accessibility tool for pronouncing names

Vocalizer is a web accessibility tool for people with difficult to pronounce names.