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Date: 2016/10/04

Greyprint Template

I've been using a template as the starting point for icon, symbol, and glyph work for quite some time. The template is incredibly simple - Greyprint is just a bunch of white boxes and some pre-made styles to help speed up working.

See the new browsing UI on Typekit today

Back in August we shipped a preview for a major update to Typekit's font browsing interface, and many of you have helped us test it and offered great feedback over the last few weeks. Today we're excited to release Typekit's new look to everyone, along with a few additional improvements we've made since last month's preview release.

Social Cereal

Real-time cereal tweets!

text-spinners: Pure text, CSS only, font independent, inline loading indicators

This project tries to mimic command line spinners like those from cli-spinners (where most of them are taken from) and bring them to the web. This is part of the tawian-frontend which is based on hack. Thanks to cli-spinners and hack!

Breadcrumb Navigation: Good for Website Usability or Not?

If you sit down with any website design and development team, you might discover that breadcrumb navigation isn't their favourite experience. Most may even consider it a hassle that's not worth it, meaning it's often an overlooked factor in site

Photoshop Style Guide .PSD (and workflow)

This is my style guide starter file I use when I start a Photoshop project. I thought it could be useful and some of you wanted to see it so I decided I might as well share the .PSD file. It contains colors, responsive typography, normal, active and hover buttons, forms, icons, tables, image alignments, ui elements, etc.

Ascii to SVG