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Date: 2016/10/02

Transition Effect with CSS Masks

A tutorial on how to use CSS Masks to create some interesting looking slide transitions. Highly experimental! View demo Download source Today we'd like to show you how to create an intriguingly simple, yet eye-catching transition effect using CSS Masks. Together with clipping, masking is another way of defining visibility and composite with an element.

A Practical Guide To Convert Your Sketches To Working Prototypes

Hi Yaroslav! What's your toolkit to design, prototype, etc.? Even though occasionally I still use photoshop and illustrator, my main tool set includes: Balsamiq Mockups - For very rough wireframes. I think this is a pretty good tool to start with right after information architecture was decided on. It's fast, simple and clickable if needed.

The League Of — Uniforms for teams that will never exist

"The League Of" is a series of conceptual football uniform designs by designer Josh Hemsley.

Hero Patterns — A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns

A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use on your digital projects.

The typographic details behind Typewolf’s favorite sites of September

This is the 32nd installment of my monthly feature on Typewolf where I share my favorite type-driven websites from the previous month and then write a little about the typographic details behind the designs. You can check out last month's post for August here. FatFrank is a fat, blocky sans-serif from Dutch foundry Regular Bold Italic.