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Date: 2016/09/30

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Your Body Text Is Too Small

When designing body text for websites, it's important to realize there is no one-size-fits-all, because it all depends on factors such as the typeface design, the background/foreground color, and viewport dimensions. 1. Design The Body Text First Above all, when designing a web page we should design the body text first, usually before anything else in the layout.

Pixels and voxels, the long answer

Earlier this year, somebody asked on Quora: What is the difference between pixel and voxel? I sometimes can't help myself, so instead of giving a straight answer, I wrote a whole article on the topic. I get the question. Society serves you things like the movie posters for Pixels and you are genuinely confused.

A Whole New Airtable

When Airtable launched a little over a year ago, we didn't just set out to build a better spreadsheet. Instead, we aimed to create a fundamentally new medium for working with structured information: a playground equipped with all the building blocks you need to explore and create freely.

Iconic: Ryan Putnam

Get Ryan's icons on Figma: Ryan Putnam is one of the most prominent illustrators working in tech today. He's the #4 most popular illustrator on Dribbble and he's done incredible work for brands like Dropbox and Operator among others.