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Date: 2016/09/07

Designers Guide to Web Performance Optimization

The golden mean of design and engineering

There was a time when I viewed designers with the same scepticism as I viewed homeopathy. When I pictured designers I thought of Mad Men, the creative department sitting around smoke-filled rooms waiting for inspiration to strike. But slowly and surely, I've realised great products are built by designers and engineers working together.

Duotone in Web Design

The modern web is full of colour-from subtle to bright 'in your face' tones. I'll be taking a look at the latter. Meet duotone-the hottest colour style of 2016. Pure duotone & other tonal groupings Love it or loathe it-duotone is everywhere right now.

Webfonts on the Prairie

by Published in Richard Fink Typography & Web Fonts I last wrote about the progress of webfonts for A List Apart six years ago. Very few sites used webfonts then, but there was a lot of pent-up frustration among designers to get moving after 15 years of confinement to so-called "web-safe" system fonts.

Personas, you don't need them

There has been a lot written about using personas in the design process. Over the years I've always shied away from creating detailed personas. Personas are ...

10 Sketch Tricks That Would Make Owen Wilson Say "Wooow!'

Note from Jon: There's a link to a FREE Sketch file at the bottom of this article. See if you can make it all the way through to your reward at the end πŸ€“ O ne of my favorite things to do in an app is poke around all the settingsand menus.