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Date: 2016/08/18

Interview with Ryan Singer

In advance of the Leading Design conference in London on the 24th-26th October, I caught up with Ryan Singer to discuss his background, experience and thoughts on the subject of Design Leadership. Tell us about your first design leadership role? Who did you model yourself on?

Writing Less Damn Code

I'm not the most talented coder in the world. No, it's true. So I try to write as little code as possible. The less I write, the less there is to break, justify, or maintain. I'm also lazy, so it's all gravy. ( ed: maybe run with a food analogy?)

Out of the oven and onto your neck: 5 business lessons I learned from being burned

It was 2007, and while I had a good job at Google as a designer, I still felt restless. At this time I had been a graphic designer for Fortune 500 companies for nearly a decade, but somehow I had a sense of something missing.

All Olympic Logos, Ordered By Quality

AIGA just published a fantastic rundown of all Olympic logos, as graded by Milton Glaser. Glaser is a legend, having created some of the most iconic design work of the 20th century, including the I ❤️ NY logo and the fantastic poster for Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.

10 things you need to learn in design school if you're tired of wasting your money

I hope everyone had a good summer. It's hard to believe it's over, yet here we are. Still feeling the summer breeze of warm ocean wind. Still smelling the sunscreen, the taste of cotton candy, the mind still wandering to that summer crush we'll never see again and sloppy awkward kisses under a summer moon.

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Sidebar's Most Awesome Links Of July 2016

Counting down the most clicked links August is almost over, and you know what that means: time for a round-up Sidebar 's most popular links of July, because I completely forgot about this and now I'm running late! There are few better ways of attracting attention than proclaiming something dead.