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Date: 2016/07/16

Buttons shouldn't have a hand cursor

There is this belief that the hand cursor means "clickable", but this is incorrect and problematic. My hope is that by the end of the article, you'll never want to use the hand cursor for buttons ever again. It's no accident that browsers don't give buttons (and other elements) a hand cursor - it's because they're not meant to.

Centered Logos Hurt Website Navigation

Summary: Getting back to the homepage is about 6 times harder when the logo is placed in the center of a page compared to when it's in the top left corner. Traditionally, websites display a logo in the top left corner of every page (for sites that use left-to-right languages).

Will sexist emoji soon be a thing of the past?

Creatives in New York have launched a She-Moji keyboard with 400 female characters while Google has revealed a new set of female emojis for Android From crying with laughter to hands in the air, emoji are now firmly entrenched in our visual culture.

What Tintin taught me about webdesign

Back when I was a kid, when my parents thought I was sound asleep at night, I would stand at my window with the curtains open. A street light about five meters away would shine the dimmest of lights into my room and if I squinted my eyes, I was able to read my Tintin comic.

Smog-Pocalypse? Using Data Visualization to Understand Pollution

Yes, we've read the news about global pollution- but how bad could it be? 7:00 AM, November 14, 2013 Beijing No. 80 High School, Beijing, China I was awoken from my dream by the scream of the dormitory's guardian. "大卫,起床了!" (David, wake up!)

A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies

Read this in about 20 minutes. This guide is not intended for use with font icons, which have different loading priorities and use cases. Also, SVG is probably a better long term choice. If you're looking for a specific approach, I've prepared some handy links that will take you to the section you need.

Draft U.S. Web Design Standards

Welcome to the Draft U.S. Web Design Standards! Here, you'll find open-source UI components and visual styles to create beautiful, consistent experiences across federal government websites.