The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/09/22

Designing Better Inline Validation UX

How and when to validate input inline, how to deal with empty inputs, and why it's important to always prioritize copy-paste UX.

QR Codes

Ever wondered how a QR code works? No, me neither but it’s low-key fascinating.

The details and summary elements, again

I’ve already written about the details and summary elements, but there is more to tell. a new AI colorizer

Colorize anything from old black & white photos to artworks. It’s as simple as instagram, free, and no sign-up required.

What a 52-year-old watch can teach us about UX and Digital Product Design

A look at cutting-edge watch design of the 1970s and the lessons we can learn and apply to UX and digital product design today.