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Date: 2022/08/08

reCAPTCHAs: Blocking bots, preserving history, and inspiring memes

How reCAPTCHAs went from preventing spam to helping preserve history and generating memes.

Genderless design is a myth

Design can never truly be free of culture, gender, and bias. Our pursuit of a neutral and universal design may bring us to modernism, minimalism...

There’s a new Gmail. But can it ever really change?

A redesigned Gmail may have already arrived in your inbox. No, it’s not all that different. But what would you say if it were?

How Can We Make Presentations Better?

Great presentations are really great stories. It’s great stories that move people, not stock images, bullet points, or diagrams.

BlenderBot 3: a chatbot that improves its skills and safety over time

Meta AI has built and released the first 175B parameter, publicly available chatbot, and deployed it in a live interactive conversational AI demo.