The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/03/21

A look at the dialog element’s super powers

The new dialog element is more than a display toggle because it provides better focus handling, inert functionality and closes on keypress.

Typography in Design Tokens for Figma and Code

In this post I share what I’ve learned working on the typography system for Cabana (a design system for Figma built on design tokens).

Balkan Sans font connects Latin and Cyrillic

Using shared linguistic features this typeface reconciles languages to promote education, peace, and, above all, communication. Now free on Fontstand.

How to Use CSS Math Functions

An introduction on how to use CSS logical functions calc(), clamp(), min() and max() for responsive design.

How To Grow Your Digital Garden With Sub-Domains

A page of links that turned into a story of how to expand your digital garden through sub-domains.