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Date: 2021/02/04

Things You Can Do With CSS Today

The present and future of CSS are very bright indeed.

Going From Solid to Knockout Text on Scroll

Here’s a fun CSS trick: a large title that switches from a solid color to knockout text as the background image behind it scrolls.

Brendan Dawes’ seven rules of creativity

Brendan Dawes is a UK-based artist who uses generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms to create a panoply of projects.

We Value Your Privacy (At About $0.50): Dark Patterns in UI Copy

Dark patterns were made illegal in 2019, but throughout 2020 and 2021, the relationship between language and design is even sneakier.

21 Bad Front-End Habits to Drop in 2021

Forget the gym, here are some resolutions you’ll actually keep