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Date: 2020/12/01

So you wanna create an eco-friendly website

A client recently asked if it was possible to create a green website. The answer is a little more complicated than you’d expect.

100 design lessons for 2021

Things are not ok. We are in the middle of a global pandemic that has taken the lives of more than a million people.

Beer Geek — An App That Teaches you to Brew Beer

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 10 days.

A tale of four prototypes

Here’s some prototypes of some ideas that have been lingering in my head for upwards of 7 years.

Undoing the Toxic Dogmatism of Digital Design

How do we start to dismantle and rebuild a system that disempowers and excludes by “design”?