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Date: 2019/05/18

Announcing Stencil One: Beta

Stencil is an open source toolchain that builds reusable, scalable Design Systems by generating standard Web Components.

TIL (Today I learned)

Various insights about CSS and front-end development.

The Inverted World Map

It probably happens to everyone who likes to look at maps. You imagine land to be water and water to be land.

What the Iron Throne reveals about the history of user-friendly design

The set design of “Game of Thrones” embodies the changing role of design as an expression of privilege, comfort, and authority in the real world.

SVG Properties and CSS

SVG has its own set of elements, attributes and properties to the extent that inline SVG code can get long and complex.

Can we all please stop using Medium now?

Medium is cancer. A trojan horse. It's Facebook. But for blogging.