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Date: 2017/05/26

What is the Future of Front End Web Development?

I was asked to do a little session on this the other day. I'd say I'm underqualified to answer the question, as is any single person. If you really needed hard answers to this question, you'd probably look to aggregate data of survey results from lots of developers.

Hollywood Goodbyes and Focused Content

In the movie, Fight Club, there's a scene where Edward Norton's character is on the phone with Detective Stern, who is investigating Norton's condo fire. The dialogue goes like this: Detective Stern: "You just let me know if you're going to leave town...

Designing for Forgiveness

Help users make less errors through design One night while driving through a dark desert road, I missed a sharp right turn and ran straight into the ditch. The warning sign, placed shortly before the turn, was barely visible under the cover of darkness.

Prototyping in Sketch is officially available now and here is my review!

Once you have installed or updated Craft Manager and the Plugin, you will see a thunder icon ⚡️ at the bottom of the Craft panel. Unlike the beta version where the icon is similar to the Craft website and not placed together with the stack of 5 features ( Sync, Library, Data, Duplicate, Freehand).

5 essential ways to use design constraints

Remember the good 'ol era of tech design, when you had to create interfaces - at most - for a PC and a Mac? Me neither. That universe seems light years away in today's screen-addicted world. Designers' jobs have grown exponentially harder with the introduction of mobile phones and tablets.