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Date: 2016/12/03

“I’m not sure if I like what I did here or not”

Before we make the final call on hiring a designer, we always give them a sample one-week project to do for us (we pay them $1500 for the one-week exercise). These quick one-week projects are the best way we've found to get inside their head - to know what they're really capable of independently.

Lessons learned from table tr td's dynamic duo

How a creative side hustle is changing people's perception and making email gold. Wearing matching white shirts which they created themselves, Cam and Miah were standing at a raised table eating some brisket sandwiches at #TEDC16 in Boston. The evening began to dim but their smiles matched the crescent moon above.

I've run my first design sprint and it's been awesome: this is what I learned

You are at the very beginning of a new project. You feel the incredibly fast pace of change of the market. You feel overwhelmed by the quantity of variables you need to handle. You have no idea if the project will be a huge success or a complete failure.

Principle for Pros: The Most Efficient Sketch to Principle Workflow

You've probably used Principle before and you probably hated it because you couldn't figure out how to create a modular, organized workflow. You probably didn't understand why ghost layers were flying around in places you never built. This article will change how you prototype with Principle.

5 Common Mistakes Designers Make When Using Cards In Design

Cards within design layouts have gained immense popularity over the last several years. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter who have millions of users that use their products every day have leveraged this popular UI component within their interfaces. Not surprising since, cards are a perfect response to the rise of responsive design.