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Date: 2016/09/04

AndroidUX: Record of The Past 5 years

Since 2012, I have managed an android app pattern blog called This side project, which I first started with Gary and Christina 's advice, has developed into a popular blog with thousands of app patterns and a large number of visitors over the past five years.

Design Technologists: Front-End Development in the Design System Era

Let's be honest. The relationship between designers and the engineers who execute their designs can be rocky. Engineers get frustrated when designers design things that were "impossible" (read: would be hard to build, don't play nice with the API, or are likely to cause cross-browser issues) and that it is the engineers who are on the hook for all the bugs created by the design complexity.

This Capsule Hotel Shows Us What the Future of Reality Looks Like

Applying the design principles we use today to the creation of virtual worlds tomorrow Just admit it. The idea of virtual reality is both cool and absolutely terrifying! It's ok! You wouldn't be the first.

Welcoming Bots to the Design Team

How automation helped us dig into our data (and add magic to our prototypes) The Automated Assistant We're always looking for smart ways to learn more in less time. This mentality has led our researchers to push the boundaries of the data we can record in our research process.

Yahoo Icon Redesign

I designed 350+ icons for Yahoo's product team, this set is ended up being used in many of their product lines.

I Wanted To Type a Number

Filament Group helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone