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Date: 2016/08/05

SamsungOne, the New Universal Typeface for Samsung

Samsung's activities cross different products, platforms, people, cultures and environments. SamsungOne is a unique font designed to help deliver a connected, universal experience for Samsung. It is a family of scripts covering 26 writing systems, more than 400 languages, and over 25,000 glyphs, creating a truly global typeface.

Selected VHS Covers

By Paul Ford, Co-founder, Postlight

Designing with Data — Craft & Dummi

Imagine you move into a house and you place your furniture right where you want it, paint the walls all the best colors, and hang your favorite paintings. Things are nice, right? Well, guess what... There's a party later. Also, all the guests are grizzly bears. An elephant might swing by too.

Introducing Samara

After World War II, communities and the trust they fostered began to erode in the United States. We moved away from dense city centers to fenced in suburban lots separated by broad highways. It's a picture of modern loneliness: "low population density and the loss of natural social gatherings on the porch, the street, or the corner drugstore made sharing experiences and insulating problems more difficult."

The typographic details behind Typewolf’s favorite sites of July

This is the 30th installment of my monthly feature on Typewolf where I share my favorite type-driven websites from the previous month and then write a little about the typographic details behind the designs. You can check out last month's post for June here.