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How we built our multi-platform design system at

Building a design system that works is a challenge at any scale.

How we created the illustration style for our partner products

This is the story of how we incorporated illustration into our design system at

Lessons learned building a design system at scale

Design systems are a crucial part of product development and their benefits are easy to see.

How we adapted the mobile site for the iPhone X notch.

“A screen isn’t necessarily a rectangle anymore…”

Implementing system fonts on

For a very long time we had been serving a pretty standard font-stack -  Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif  - safe in the knowledge that this selection would give us a trouble-free, albeit uninspired, font in which to render our desktop website.

Design Critique - The Booking way

It's Thursday afternoon. For two hours, a group of designers from different teams at get together in one of the meeting rooms in our Amsterdam office, furrow their brows, and drink phenomenal amounts of coffee. The meeting's purpose?