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Date: 2022/02/04

“Hey, Alexa! Are you trustworthy?”

When families interact with a voice-user interface they are more likely to trust the device if it exhibits more human-like social behaviors.

Why the Washington Commanders rebranding is way too much and still not enough

The new name was long overdue, but the Washington Commanders still botched the rebrand. Free customizable 3D icons

Handcrafted 3D icons. Customize it online - change color, material and choose right angle. 100% free.

The Nifty Portal

The Nifty Portal is an NFT art piece designed by Thomas Dubois with music By Gramatik.

What is Generative Art?

An artwork may be generative in some ways and not in others. A piece could have generative aspects even if the artist didn’t have that intention.