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Date: 2021/12/29

What does simplicity really mean for product design?

We all know “simplicity” is a golden rule for any design discipline. But what does it really mean for product designers?

Our favorite Chrome extensions of 2021

I hadn’t heard of most of the Chrome extensions that Sarem Gizaw lists as 2021 favorites.

Marked with Pattern and Texture, Hula’s Murals Appear to Emerge from the Sea

To paint his murals, Sean Yoro, aka Hula, yields to the shifting tides of the ocean.

SVG generator for melted/spilling/liquid shapes

SVG generator to create melting/spilling shapes and add some fun visual elements to your web designs.

Grok {Shan, Shui}*: Advent of understanding the generative art

I spent 24 days digging into the code of {Shan, Shui}* Chinese painting generator and lived to tell the story.