The five best design links, every weekday


Making SVG Loading Spinners

Learn to create cool SVG loading spinners with this interactive guide.


A canvas for drawing with isometric cubes.

Collection of Grungy Textures

Genuine high-res textures from aged walls and grounds to use as authentic grunge, vintage overlays on images.

CSS Selectors: A Visual Reference

Visual reference guide to CSS selectors, including pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.

SSSVG: An Interactive SVG Reference

Quickly look up how to define SVG shapes, transforms, masks, patterns, gradients, text and more.

SVG pixel art pattern maker

Make pixel art and turn it into repeated SVG patterns that can be used in your designs.

lllove: a little tool to make SVG hearts

A simple tool to design cute SVG hearts to use anywhere.

pppalette: color palette generator

Simple color palette generator for color harmonies like analogous, complimentary, split complimentary and triadic as well as tints, shades and tones.

pppointed → SVG arrow maker for all kinds of decorative arrow styles

An online SVG arrow builder to make arrows for your designs.

Freehand SVG drawing tool

A simple drawing tool that makes it easy to freehand draw SVGs that have a hand-drawn style.

SVG generator for melted/spilling/liquid shapes

SVG generator to create melting/spilling shapes and add some fun visual elements to your web designs.

SVG generator for 3D-like isometric patterns

Generate SVG shape patterns with a 3D feel, thanks to isometric design.

Fluid SVG Gradient Background Generator

An SVG generator to make fluid gradient backgrounds that feel organic. Add a feeling of motion and fluidity to your web designs.

llline: Smooth SVG Line/Stroke Generator

SVG generator that makes it easy to create lines & strokes that look and feel organic.

Ssshape: SVG Blob/Organic Shape Generator

Simple organic/blob shape generator that allows you to control the final shape.