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Date: 2021/09/20

Foam Talent 2021

An all-access online exhibition celebrating the works of young artists shaping the future of photography.

Woman’s viral mock redesigns for iconic logos are actually used by brands

Starbucks, Tampax, Tinder and TikTok are among some of the brands changing their social media pictures after a viral video awfully redesigned them.

Layout in ancient writing: UX inspiration from history

It’s no secret that a lot of the practice that we use in interface design came from the printing industry.

The Winners of the 2021 Drone Photo Awards

Drones have been around for awhile now, but I have yet to tire of the bird’s-eye images captured from above this remarkable planet of ours.

Computer Science Unleashed, Chapter 1: Connections

Humans crave connections, and the advent of the digital revolution has empowered us to be more connected than ever before.