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Date: 2021/08/31

Vector? Raster? Why Not Both!

This week I ran into an interesting class of problem that—in hindsight—could use a much better workflow.

Geometric Shapes and Three-Dimensional Illusions Disrupt Existing Architecture

Italian artist Peeta uses the interplay between shadow and light to turn flat, monochromatic planes into deceptive three-dimensional murals.

The Rolls-Royce logo, the Spirit of Ecstasy

It’s still unclear whether the Spirit of Ecstasy was truly based on Eleanor Thornton, but the myth of the Rolls-Royce logo lives on.

Exploring the CSS Paint API: Blob Animation

After the fragmentation effect, I am going to tackle another interesting animation: the blob!

Refactoring CSS: Optimizing Size And Performance

CSS optimization techniques that we can apply to tackle common performance issues.