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Date: 2020/08/25

6 visual design principles that UX designers should be aware of

When I was studying, I was fascinated by how much power designers have in making people think, feel, and act a certain way.

See Some of the Best Macro Garden Photos From Around the World

The recently completed International Garden Photographer of the Year Award has some amazing entries.

Accordion Icons: Which Signifiers Work Best?

The caret icon most clearly indicated to users that it would open an accordion in place, rather than linking directly to a new page.

The Black Panther: Black Community News Service

Typewrite, rubdown, and pasteup: 1960s photo-reproduction empowered Emory Douglas to make maximum impact with minimal time and expense.

A Tapestry of Tools

Almost inevitably, one question comes up more than any other: “What design tool should I use?”