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Date: 2020/05/22

Designing apps for kids: a reading app user experience

Although perceived by many as a threat to traditional education, web and mobile apps can play a big role in children's cognitive development.

The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners

Webflow is taking over the design/dev industry and is leading the no-code tools market and changing lives of a lot of designers.

Form design: multiple inputs versus one input

While most fields are made up of just one input, like an email address, some fields could be split into multiple inputs, like a sort code.

Using calc to figure out optimal line-height

Although we can apply any CSS Unit to line-height, a unitless 1.5 value is the most recommended way to handle it.

The Current State of Checkout UX

In this article we’ll outline 18 common design pitfalls and strategic oversights applicable to most e-commerce sites.