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Date: 2018/08/27

How Slack's Content Strategy Expanded from a Single Page to a Media Company

An investigation into Slack’s websites, social media presence, and content strategy.

Web copy techniques that alienate users, and why not to use them

Ever read something on a website that makes you a feel bit… off?

Figma web design system. Watch the world and see components

I have developed my 4th library for Figma and I am ready to structure the knowledge and experience gained in the development of this system.

Folyo: project alerts that help designers find their new favorite clientsSponsored

When a company needs a remote designer for a project we send you an email with instructions for landing it. 100% free to try.

Space Grotesk, open-source typeface

Space Grotesk is a new sans-serif typeface, derived from Space Mono (Colophon Foundry, 2016). Designed by Florian Karsten.