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Date: 2016/07/23

Building a New Illustration Style for Shopify

Over at Shopify, the illustrators have been busy. We've been working hard to find a new visual voice for Shopify. (And of course when I say we I mean Ryan Coleman & Holly Schofield. Think I'm being humble or whatever? Ask a first time design manager how much actual design they put out.

Brexit: How design made the difference

I've been talking recently about how design makes the difference for brands. And now, a month after the EU Referendum, I can think objectively enough to say that design had a big impact on that result too. When it comes to design and branding, ballots are rare occasions when the return on investment becomes crystal clear.

Stop the overuse of overflow menus

You know those obscure menu buttons on apps and websites that reveal even more menu options? They usually have an ellipsis " ..." or an arrow ▼ icon on them and sometimes they'll even have a More label. Or, better yet, a More with a ▼! These are called overflow menus.

Transit Maps: Apple vs. Google vs. Us

If you come for the king, you best not miss... T ransit maps are beautiful. You see them plastered on bus shelters and subway stops. Your parents kept one in their pockets. You might have one burned into your brain. A transit map is much more than a list of stations.

How TIDAL Onboards New Users

The ultimate source for User Onboarding tips, tricks, & thoughts. A new teardown every week!

Making design core to the agile process

A look into how we built Salesforce's Lightning Experience In modern product design, Agile methodologies have become a standard for shipping products for both startups and large enterprise companies alike. In theory, the process follows a simple, contained structure that is iterative, collaborative and user-focused.

DKNG speaks with Dissection podcast about their Back To The Future box set design

Website for the podcast Dissection, produced by JK Design