The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/08/05

How I Added Scroll Snapping To My Twitter Timeline

CSS Scroll Snap allows websites to snap the web page or any other scroll container to a specific scroll position when the user performs a scrolling operation.

Design with materials, not features

Some software interfaces are windows into collections of features.

Polypane 10: detachable panel, navigation sync, element screenshots and more

Polypane 10 brings a number of often requested workflow features to Polypane like a detachable panel and the ability to turn off navigation sync

The difference between Gamification and Incentivization

Gamification does not mean ‘adding badges’. Let’s explore the real crossovers between games and edTech.

Actually, the San Francisco Typeface Does Ship as a Variable Font

Apple unveiled an expanded version of its San Francisco system font at WWDC 2022.