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Date: 2020/01/01

Michigan Photographer Captures Every Sunrise of 2019

There were 365 sunrises in 2019 and this is what they looked like.

Scientific American's Colorful Covers Reveal 175 Years of Change

Starting with its first issue in 1845, Scientific American has faithfully reported on technology used to produce the magazine.

A Use Case for a Parent Selector

Having a "parent selector" in CSS is mentioned regularly as something CSS could really use.

Building my bullet journal layout with CSS Grid & Subgrid & Flexbox

My bullet journal layout is pretty simple compared to some of the more elaborate, colorful and playful layouts I've seen.

The Best and Worst Identities of 2019, Part 5: The Worst Noted

If you were disappointed with the lack of Worst inclusions from the Reviewed section, this might satiate your need for disdain.