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Date: 2019/05/27

Chat UI Kit by StreamSponsored

High fidelity chat UI kit for Sketch. Chat interfaces for live streaming, team collaboration, messaging, customer support and gaming are included.

Friends don't let friends implement dark mode alone

So I have this friend, Wei, who's basically an expert with CSS blend modes, right?

Digging Into The Display Property: Grids All The Way Down

Continuing a series on the display property in CSS, this time Rachel Andrew takes a look at what happens when you use grid as a value of display.

Oh no, Samsung's AI lab can create a video of you from a single still photo

The company recently showed off AI that allows it to “puppet” someone’s face onto another person’s body–using only a single photo for reference.

Code as Documentation: New Strategies with CSS Grid

I thought it would be valuable to walk through a fully-developed production implementation of a single major component using grid.