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Date: 2019/03/05

The Dark Side of the Grid (Part 1)

It has already been two years since the first browsers, Chromium 57 and Firefox 52, shipped CSS Grid Layout un-prefixed.

Upgrading Uber's 3D fleet

The original 3D cars debuted as part of our Rider app redesign in 2016. They started out as functional map elements showing location and availability.

The government's strange, decade-long quest to seize a logo

Logos are an important part of any organization, whether it's a company, a nonprofit, or an allegedly criminal motorcycle gang.

Do CSS Custom Properties Beat Sass Loops?

I reckon that a lot of our uses of Sass maps can be replaced with CSS Custom properties - but hear me out for a sec.

UI Copy: UX Guidelines for Command Names and Keyboard Shortcuts

Labels for commands should be brief, informative, rely on verbs and adjectives, and avoid branded terms.