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Date: 2017/01/29

The end of the clearfix hack?

A new value of the display property has landed in Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightlies. In the Editor's Draft of the CSS Display Module Level 3, display: flow-root is defined as: "The element generates a block container box, and lays out its contents using flow layout.

Opinions of Leaders Considered Harmful

There is no hard and fast division between what is 'purely semantic content' and what is 'just presentation'. The term "semantics" is often used or misused in this context, however any structured format is likely to have some semantics; and some semantics refer to precise details of presentation.

5 Reasons Why I Left Photoshop for Sketch

I've been working in Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years as a designer. At Digital Surgeons, all we've ever used is Photoshop for web-based or app projects. Given how fast my workflow had become using Photoshop, I thought there was no way I could move through another program that efficiently.

This 100-Year-Old Dutch Movement Shaped Web Design Today

By Alain Dujardin and Jop Quirindongo 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of a Dutch art movement that has had a worldwide impact: De Stijl. Right up to the present day, De Stijl has influenced art, architecture, and product design. But the impact of De Stijl is particularly apparent in contemporary design-more specifically, in digital design.

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