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Date: 2016/11/23

CSS Selectors Explained By Going Car Shopping

When you step onto the lot of a car dealership, you're instantly surrounded by different cars, colors, and years. And of course there's that aggressive salesperson. But let's leave them out this simulation. Cars - and car features - can be categorized using the same system as CSS selectors.

How Apple Helped Democratize Typography In The '90s

When Thomas Rickner decided he wanted to be a type designer after a lecture on the history of Baskerville at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the mid-1980s, his typography professor had some simple advice: Don't do it. "He told me it was a road to frustration," recalls Rickner, who nearly three decades later is a font production manager at Monotype.

Sketch symbol best practices (now that nested overrides are a thing)

At Tradeshift, we're beginning to maintain a central Sketch document with all our symbols. In order to be added to this document, a symbol needs to be of a certain quality. Everyone designing for us (and potentially our partners) will make use of this document, so we don't want to be distributing anything but the most solid symbols.

A UX Designer's Guide to Using Dribbble

So what's a designer to do?! Well, use Dribbble (like the title suggests, duh). The way I use Dribbble changes based on which phase I'm in: When I'm between products When I'm starting a project During final polish When I'm defending one of my crazy design decisions Note: This phase doesn't actually exist since I have a backlog of side projects projecting out until I'm 162 years old .

Copio: Copy and paste layers in Photoshop using shortcuts!