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Date: 2016/09/11

The History and Usage of Common Symbols

Have you ever wondered where the ampersand symbol came from? Or wondered how to use the number sign or the pound sign? We've outlined some common symbols and meanings so you can learn their interesting origins and histories. Let's go! The Ampersand Symbol (&) What is the ampersand symbol?

Say Hello to Twenty Seventeen

It's that time again: time to build a new default theme for WordPress! WordPress 4.7 will launch with a brand new theme - Twenty Seventeen. Designed by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce), Twenty Seventeen sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase.

Bots vs humans

Everyone is talking about the rise of chatbots; but are forgetting that humans are pretty good too. In recent months we've seen Facebook, Kik and Telegram launch bot platforms on top of their messengers, and everyone and anyone declare our bot filled future.

Discrimination by Design

By Lena Groeger A few weeks ago, Snapchat released a new photograph filter. It appeared alongside many of the other such face-altering filters that have become a signature of the service. But instead of surrounding your face with flower petals or giving you the nose and ears of a Dalmatian, the filter added slanted eyes, puffed cheeks and large front teeth.

Financier Design Information

Welcome to Klim. Fire up a modern browser to make & share your very own custom specimens with live fonts!