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Date: 2016/09/10

Do we need better prototyping or simpler coding?

No points for guessing. It's the second one. As designers, we don't have a lot of consensus. We can't really agree on best practices -  design @1x, @2x, @3x? (hint: it is @1x) We can't really agree on what to call ourselves -  am I a UI-UX-Product-Service-Full-stack-Unicorn?

Sketch vs. Adobe XD vs. Figma

DISCLAIMER: Blog posts get outdated, but I keep up to date with this same information. When Sketch first came out it completely disrupted the interface design space, but Adobe XD and Figma have recently come forward as new challengers. They offer unique functionality like prototyping and live collaboration.

Going all-in on Flexbox

Survival of the fittest meets the 21st Century

SATS case study - g etting Scandinavia's most popular fitness club app into shape. With over 160 centers and half a million active members, SATS ELIXIA is one of Europe's largest players within health and fitness. Apegroup 's collaboration with SATS ELIXIA began in 2011.

Design Reviews: Going beyond the surface

Framing a successful design review that solves problems.