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Date: 2021/04/06

NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This

When we invented non-fungible tokens, we were trying to protect artists. But tech-world opportunism has struck again.

Sticky Headers: 5 Ways to Make Them Better

Persistent headers can be useful to users if they are unobtrusive, high-contrast, minimally animated, and fit user needs.

Ink Traps and Pals

A look at ink traps (enhanced edges of inside corners in things like typefaces, logos for print) and related techniques including digital light traps.

Understanding browser cookies πŸͺ

Even though I’ve been doing web things for a while now, I confess I had never dealt with browser cookies other than clicking cookie notifications.

Embrace imperfection to design with character

Imperfections are usually something we try to hide, but there are some great examples where they have been turned into decisive strengths.